It all started in Naples

The Kimbo story begins over 50 years ago

The story begins within the year 1963, when we rousted our first coffee beans within Napoli. That was the beginning of our dedication to opening up people’s hearts with our love and passion for food and coffee. But most importantly we founded our commitment to the most authentic quality in catering.

It all began from the kindled fire within the hearts of three brothers, who began roasting coffee within their father’s bakery. The bakery was presented within a city where everyone had a longing and shared passion for a great cup of coffee. Napoli was the core fusion for the ignition to create, and that is exactly what Francesco, Gerardo and Elio Rubino sought to build.

They founded Kimbo upon the humblest of ambitions-not as industrialists, but as the source of the neighbourhood’s coffee satisfaction. Due to the love that was instilled within every cup of coffee, Kimbo grew beyond a local muse.  It rose to fame and respect, where many had sought it from far and wide, just so that these travellers could taste the love and unique flavour from their very lips. It was those satisfied lips of neighbours and travellers alike, that spread the word and allowed the innovation of further ideas and ultimately growth.

What was the new dream? The dream to expand Kimbo’s awareness and create a story of shared passion for coffee, far and wide.

1960 introduced new distribution techniques, which allowed the Rubino brothers to seize the opportunity of the vacuum-packed can and use it to their advantage. The purpose was simple, with this packaging opportunity, they could allow their customers to take their love of coffee anywhere and everywhere.

1963 saw the introduction of the Café de Brasil, which was set up to soon become one of the most significant coffee roasters within the region of Europe. Not only did their coffee shops become known within Italy, the Kimbo trademark saw Café de Brasil, ranked as the second most superior packaged coffee providers within the Italian retail sector.

Where are they now in their relevance? They still reign with their title and reputation, of course.



The Kimbo Restaurant within Dubai, shares that same quaint love story and want, to inspire all those that taste our food.  We present hearty authentic Neapolitan cooked food, without MSG and flavour enhancers. Everything is cooked to originality and adaption to cater to dietary requirements such as Gluten-free food.  From the moment it touches your lips, you too will tell our tale and spread Kimbo’s story even further across the globe-that we guarantee.



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