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The Kimbo story begins over 50 years ago


A unique concept of Coffee Kiosk that differentiates the customer experience by introducing the Italian and Neapolitan heritage tradition across the Globe.

Developed by Sadeen in partnership with Kimbo is an innovative concept created for those who would like to enjoy Coffee & Food in Napolitano style . The kiosk combines the practicality of the international coffee kiosk with the style of the classic Italian bar conceived for coffee and Italian food. The main focus of the concept is the Napolitano Style of coffee and Food from Naples The offering has been enriched with a selection of Coffee, Cold Beverages, Crape, Waffles, Frappe, Willy Waffles, Sandwich, Salad, Cakes, Cornetto. Which takes consumers a experience of enjoying food in Naples typical street made in the alleys of the ancient city.



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Opening Support:

At KIMBO Kiosk our criteria for granting franchise for any territory or individual unit includes establishment of entire KIOSK, Training, arranging complete solution if required with a central kitchen. KIMBO works with you ‘’hand in hand’’ to determine the scope and size and potential of our concept in your territory as you conduct your feasibility study. And how our concept will be of great value. The result will help us determine the scope, size, and potential for the business in your location. KIMBO even helps you with Site Selection to identify key prime locations to fit KIOSK model, concepts and your local contractors. We help you with modifying KIOSK Design with slight changes required based on location demands.


We assists you to select the best Human Resources team qualified personnel and  train them to be up the required standards.

We will provide you with the most up to date comprehensive Operations, Training, and Menu preparation Manual in both Arabic and English language. This will be the core of  the  business, and we help you monitor and manage the day to day operations.

We provide orientation Training sessions by our experienced team in our headquarters and on-site training at your own premises. We provides design and packaging of all initial printing materials ranging from menus, packaging and in-house advertising. KIMBO will assist you with the selection of specified equipment. we provide Technical Training, software to implement our  P.O.S systems  linked to our Headquarters.


How Order App works:   W e  are integrated with leading management  System Inventory  order  App, Restaurant as well by  which whenever before ingredients  reach to Minimum stock level system will alert you to place order. Daily Sales Report, Food Cost, Gross Margin will be shown to owner of Kiosk as well Franchisor to maintain business in profitability.


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